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First State Saves was founded in 2005 to help Delawareans improve personal and household finances. By providing financial information, tools and access to products and services, First State Saves teaches everyone to save regularly and often. Studies show that saving just small amounts can make great strides toward reaching financial goals.

We believe that anyone can build wealth with the proper guidelines. Learn how to pay off debt, save for a house, car, tuition, or just save for the sheer pleasure of knowing you have money in the bank! Enroll today and learn about free classes and events to help build wealth.

Also, visit the Delaware Financial Literacy Institute-The Money School for classes that can help you reach your savings goal.


Saving Strategies

Building wealth starts when you set a goal and make a plan to reach that goal. Whatever goal you choose – whether it’s buying a car, buying a house, or getting out from under your debts – learn about proven savings strategies and get simple tips on the best ways to save. Click on the links below to learn how to:

Get out of debt

Save for a home

Save for a car

Save for emergencies

Save at work



Contact Us

Email:  info@dfli.org

Phone: 302.792.1200
Fax: 302.792.1050

Mailing Address

Delaware Financial Literacy Institute

3301 Green Street

Claymont, DE 19703

Our Sponsor

Financial Partners

Click on the links below to learn more about our financial partners.


Benefits to Enrolling

  • Access to no fee and low fee accounts and products offered by local financial institutions.
  • Invitations to attend 100's of free Money School classes and events.
  • A free subscription to the quarterly American Saver newsletter.
All of these benefits cost you no money. You just have to set a savings goal, use a new or existing bank account to make regular deposits or make debt payments.

Group Chairs

First State Saves Advisory group meets quarterly to discuss and advise the progression of the campaign. The following individuals and organizations are dedicated to helping First State Savers achieve their financial goals.

  • Ronni Cohen

Delaware Financial Literacy Institute
  • Ron Dutton

Wells Fargo

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